Friends star celebrates puppy’s adoption anniversary

“Friends” actress Jennifer Aniston recently shared adorable photos of her pooch, Lord Chesterfield, with her Instagram followers to celebrate the one-year anniversary of welcoming him to his new home.

Aniston posted several pictures of her pup taken over the past year, showing how much she dotes on him, and it seems the feeling is mutual. One of the photographs shows a younger Lord Chesterfield lying fast asleep next to the star. In another snap, he is being cuddled while the two of them are wrapped in blankets. One photo even shows him joining in the celebrations wearing a light-blue knitted party hat.

The 52-year-old actress captioned the photographs saying that her loveable companion is very talkative, cuddly and not so little anymore. Aniston’s Instagram followers rushed to comment on the adorable pictures, many gushing over how handsome the pooch has become and how lucky the actress is to have him.

It was back in October 2020 that the star first introduced her followers to Lord Chesterfield by posting a video of herself and the sleeping pup. She wrote that he had become the newest member of her family and that he had stolen her heart. Aniston was also sure to thank the organisation from which she adopted the pup, highlighting its work taking care of rescue animals and ensuring they find forever homes.

A number of other stars, including Millie Bobby Brown and Gwyneth Paltrow, have commented on Aniston’s posts expressing their love for Chesterfield.