How to stop a dog from barking

anti bark collarA new puppy can often cause its owners a problem at night with excessive barking. Constant disruption of sleep for owners of a new puppy soon leads to a short temper. However, barking for puppies and dogs is their natural way of communication, they may be feeling stressed, lonely, threatened or in need of attention.

A dog barking during the day is usually ignored, so it is important to coach a puppy or dog that is excessively barking so they realise it is not acceptable.

Canines are inclined to bark, calming them down with a special anti bark dog collar that has been manufactured to help in these situations will require patience and understanding from dog owners. There are various anti bark collars available on the marketplace, however it is important to choose one that is right for your dog.

Some of the dog collars give out a light shock when your dog barks, others emit a spray of citronella, and the smell of this aroma is one that dogs try to avoid.

When a dog realises they have been given a light shock, or they smell citronella when they bark, they will soon learn to reduce the level of noisy barking.

A small anti barking dog collar needs to be delicate and light in weight, while larger breeds of dog would require a heavier dog collar, however it is best to choose one that fits snugly, yet not too tight or it could harm your pet.

Dogs that tend to bark constantly would benefit from dog training classes. Dog training classes are an ideal way to re train their habits and get them used to mixing with other dogs and humans.