How to stop your puppy chewing

beagle-puppy-chewing-a-shoeYour gorgeous puppy that looks at you with those large appealing eyes will not be able to stop himself from being inquisitive. Once he has set his mind on an object the natural reaction for him is to start chewing it, no matter what it might be.

Chewing is a natural motion for a puppy so provide him with a selection of toys, dog chews and other pet products which will take his mind off your property.

Biscuit chews can be dangerous if they break up into pieces as they may cause your puppy to choke. Pick up the smaller pieces and leave one for your puppy.

Do not give your puppy old shoes or slippers to chew as he will think chewing any of your shoes is acceptable.

When you see your puppy is changing his attention back to your furniture or slippers, stop him and give him back the puppy items.

Have patience with your puppy as he may be teething. You may find it time consuming at first, however your puppy will soon learn.

Caution: Do not smack your puppy or he will become nervous and leave small puddles on the floor.

Pet products such as deterrent sprays can be purchased at a pet store to help stop your puppy from chewing your stuff.