How to tell if your dog has constipation

Like humans, dogs can become constipated at some time in their doggie lifetime.

The symptoms of your dog’s constipation are when he seems to be straining when and nothing happens or his stools are exceptionally hard.

When you realise that your dog has not emptied his bowels, remember to have a mental check regarding any medicines he may be taking as some medications can cause constipation.

Constipation for a dog can be irritating but usually his body will soon be back in working order. However a visit to the vets will be necessary if the condition has not resolved itself within a couple of days.

A dog who is excessive in his cleanliness and always licking his fur can be the cause of constipation with his fur blocking his colon.

Sometimes a dog will pick up foreign matter such as dirt, bones, gravel and even bits of fabric and consume them; causing bacteria to build up and once again the result is constipation. Larger items may be stuck in his colon and the only way to remove them is with surgery.

Older dogs are considered to be more at risk and if there is no reason for your senior pet to have constipation then visit your vet without any delay.

Treating constipation is easy and there is no reason to panic. Vets sometimes use an old remedy which entails mixing a little mineral oil with pet food. Be sure the instructions given to you by your vet are followed in the correct manner to avoid any complications.