Keeping a dog in a flat

If you live in a flat, you may think that you cannot get a dog. Certainly, whatever your circumstances and living arrangements, getting a dog can be a very big responsibility and the decision should be considered carefully before committing to it. Considering owning a pet carefully means that whatever obstacles you have – such as a lack of space indoors – can possibly be overcome if you think the decision through.

Owning a flat does not mean that you cannot own a dog or even mean that you can only buy a small dog. Remember, running around a flat will not provide any dog, whatever size, adequate exercise. The key to keeping a dog in a flat is to consider if you have the time and energy to devote to providing the dog with enough outdoor exercise. All dogs need to be taken for daily walks and dogs with high energy levels can live in a flat providing that you have the time to take your pet out for longer walks or jogs every day.

Some dog owners who have a large backyard think that their dog does not need as much exercise since they can be outside in the yard for most of the day, but this is often not the case. Dogs need to be taken on regular walks to give them proper exercise. So even you have a flat, if you are committed to taking a pet on good daily walks, then it is possible for you to own a dog and care for it properly.