Norfolk-based animal sanctuary re-home over 40 Romanian dogs

Hillside Animal Sanctuary, a sanctuary for homeless dogs, has recently helped over 40 Romanian dogs to be cared for in loving homes throughout the Norfolk area. Romania is an area with millions of stray dogs and the severity of the issue has caught the attention of John Watson who works at Hillside Animal Sanctuary. The sanctuary based in Frettenham has seen 60 stray dogs enter its doors in recent months, all hoping to get a second chance at life.

Mr Watson spoke about the circumstances in Romania, saying:

“Dogs are thought of as vermin unfortunately and that is how a lot of people in Romania treat them.”

The problem came to light after a Romanian worker at Hillside Animal Sanctuary informed his colleagues of the ill-treatment of dogs in his country. Despite the seriousness of the dilemma, quarantine laws meant that little could be done to change things. However, January saw a new law come into force whereby canines now simply need micro-chipping, an EU passport, vaccinations and worm treatment to be transported to the United Kingdom.

These alterations in the quarantine laws have enabled workers at the Hillside Animal Sanctuary to save numerous dogs, each costing the sanctuary anything from £200-£300. More than 40 dogs that have been brought to the UK from Romania have already been adopted and with the sanctuary recently receiving a donation for eight new kennels, the future looks bright for many other dogs that need re-homing. Donations can be made to the sanctuary or enquiries regarding adoptions by calling 01603 736200.