Holidaying in the UK with dogs

With the current economic climate meaning that the trend for holidaying in the UK is on the increase, dog owners can find that they no longer leave their beloved pet behind when they go for a summer break. Taking dogs on holiday can be very enjoyable both for the pet and the owner, particularly for those dog owners who hate to be parted from their pet – or any dogs nervous about being left behind in a kennel.

Before you pack your dog and your suitcase ready for the holidays, ensure that your dog is up to date with all his vaccinations and any worming or flea treatments. The last thing that you will want on your holidays is an emergency situation with your dog’s health. You should ensure that your dog is secure if you are staying on a camp site or in a holiday cottage. Also, make sure that your dog is chipped and has ID with your contact details on in the unfortunate event that your dog wanders off in an unfamiliar town.

If your dog is not usually good with car journeys, you may want to take some particular precautions before tackling a long travel to the coast. For instance, if the dog suffers from travel sickness, it might be worth feeding the dog the night before rather than first thing in the morning before you set off. Dogs can become stressed on long journeys in confined spaces so ensure that they are exercised properly before setting off, have plenty of water and stop for regular breaks en route.