Keeping an eye on your dog’s weight

FatDogThe minute that bundle of energy looks at you, the new owner of a puppy, you are in charge of his doggie health. To make life easier for yourself, you need to make sure your new pal keeps to his ideal weigh for his age.

Starting your dog on a nutritious health pet diet will maintain a healthy weight for life.

Take the time to track your puppy’s weight. A local vet will help you by advising you on the correct healthy diet for a puppy, and the weight he should be according to the size and breed of dog that you have chosen.

Weighing your pet at regular times, as he quickly grows into an adult dog, will show if your dog is eating too much food.

A puppy requires the correct balance of food on a daily basis, however if you feed him too many doggie treats and forget they are food he will become overweight.

A puppy, an adult dog and a senior dog all require daily exercise. Physical activity, whether it’s a walk in the park or playing games in a garden, will keep a dog healthy.

Make regular visits to the vets if you are unsure of the best balanced pet food. This is critical when you have to change your puppy dog food to one aimed at keeping an adult dog healthy.

Once you have achieved a balance with your dog’s quality pet food and his daily exercise, it will lead to your pet enjoying life to the full.

It’s also a good idea to take out pet insurance on your dog to safeguard his health.