More house rules for your puppy training

Puppy training is a serious business, and if you are part of a family then you have to make a joint decision on the rules of the house with regards to your puppy so that everyone knows how to implement the correct rules.

If you are a single person then the situation is clear as you are in charge of your dog (hopefully).

Here are a few notes for you to refer to when training your puppy:

Q. Is the puppy allowed on a bed?

Answer: Once you let the puppy sleep on a bed, whether it is yours or your children’s then it gives the puppy the impression that he is in charge. He should have a crate or puppy bed as his personal space.

Caution: If your puppy already sleeps on the bed and is becoming domineering by growling when you try to get him off then call a dog trainer to help you to control the situation. Remember that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, so you need to train your puppy early.

Q. Is the puppy allowed to beg for food?

Answer: This is not a good habit and can lead to your puppy stealing from your table or cupboard.

Q. should I restrict the puppy from certain parts of the house?

Answer: A puppy should not have a free run of the house. Close the doors of the rooms he is not allowed in or use a baby gate to restrict him to the room he is allowed in.

Q. How do I teach my puppy restriction of access to certain items?

Answer: Teaching your puppy what is his and what is yours takes a little patience. If he picks up your shoes then take them off him and give him one of his toys.

Tip: Do not shout at him or scream as he will not understand what he had done wrong and will become more confused and worried about upsetting you.