One hundred St Bernard dogs rescued by RSPCA

The RSPCA has rescued one hundred St Bernard dogs that were abandoned without food or water at a kennels. Sadly, two of the dogs that were rescued later died due to the poor condition that they were found in. The dogs that were rescued were found locked in cages, and had been there for days. They included adult dogs and puppies.

The dogs were found after breeder Mary-Ellen Collis disappeared without trace, her whereabouts are still unknown. Her kennels, the Wardana Kennels, are in Northants. The RSPCA rescued the dogs after the police were alerted to the dogs’ distress by a member of the public.

The RSPCA suspect that the dogs had been abandoned for up to a week. The dogs have now been rehoused in kennels close by in Peterborough and Nottingham. The RSPCA believe that four of the dogs found were housed there while the owners were away on holiday; the owners of two of those dogs have still to be notified, but two have been reunited with their owners.

RSPCA Justin Stubbs stated:

There was faeces everywhere and upturned bowls. Something has gone wrong.

Because they are such big dogs you wouldn’t expect to see so many dogs in such conditions.

I’ll be going home and having a stiff drink tonight. But it looks like we can do something with them.

Fifty-year-old Mrs Collis, the owner of the kennels is well known in breeding circles and her whereabouts are of the deepest concern for the Kennel Club.

A spokesman for the Kennel Club stated:

The Kennel Club is deeply concerned to hear about the alleged conditions that the dogs belonging to Mrs Collis have been found in and her apparent disappearance.

As an Accredited Breeder, Mrs Collis’ premises have been inspected by the Kennel Club and at that time there was nothing to give any cause for concern.

The Kennel Club is disturbed to now hear about the alleged dramatic decline in her dogs’ living conditions.