Police dogs found dead in car

During one of the very first warm spells of the summer a high profile incident has seen two dogs belonging to a police dog handler die through overheating in a locked vehicle.

police dogAfter a couple of false starts, with the school holidays arrival the weather is getting warmer. With temperatures around 30°C at the Met polices Keston Training centre officers had to force their way into the vehicle to rescue the dogs who later died of heat exhaustion at a nearby emergency vets.

In a later development, the officer believed to be responsible was found with an injured hand having apparently thrown himself from a moving car.

This perpetual problem for the dog owner sees many dogs die every summer as a result of either foolishness or even out and out disregard for the dogs well being.

Often, what is planned to be a day out that is to be shared with the dog leads to an unexpected situation where the dog is no longer a welcome partner. This is often a diversion to a shop or an unexpected no dogs area.

The beach is a typical summer destination where the dog owner gets caught out by the not so warm welcome for your canine companion. With a car full of kids planning their latest sandcastle creation, a beautiful clear blue sky and a clear sea beckoning, it can take a strong will to turn the car away when it transpires the dog is not welcome. The alternative of leaving the dog in the car may be the easiest solution but is potentially the costliest also.


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