Puppy stages of development upto seven weeks

When you bring your new puppy home, they learn so much and what they learn will have a long lasting impact. When a puppy starts to mature, even their sexual patterns will be affected by what they have been taught and what they learn, even from an early age.

All breeds of dogs go through many different various stages as they get older and grow up, which can be psychological, mental and physical behaviours.

If you learn to understand the different stages in your puppies development, then it will certainly help you to understand your dog better and know how to handle them, and most puppies will develop better if their owner understands them.

Puppies at the age of three to six weeks will emerge from their litter on their own. They will try to venture into the environment surrounding them. This will be gradual and most definitely the biggest learning curve. It is during this stage of your puppies life where they will learn the basics of behaviours.

When a puppy plays, they will learn what it is like to bark, to bite and also to be bitten and other vocal noises will help them establish relationships with other dogs.

When a puppy reaches five weeks of age, their mother will try to teach them basic manners, she will show them leadership, which will make them submissive to her. She will snarl and growl if it is necessary, which will help to discipline her litter.

To get the best development from a puppy is to ensure that they remain with their mother and litter until the puppy is at least seven weeks of age.