Remember the dogs on 5th November

The 5th November is the day when we all celebrate Bonfire Night, and like many other celebrations, the nation will no doubt be celebrating tonight, Friday night and Saturday night and the fireworks will be going off on each of those nights.  Now is also the time when many dog owners worry about their beloved pets.  May dogs, and other pets, become distressed by the strange noises and lights behind the windows.  The RSPCA puts the figure at an estimated 45% of dogs are scared, meaning 3 million dogs in the UK alone.

It is a sign of the changing times that not only do we now recognise this, it is not enough for most dog owners now to make sure their pets are kept safely inside and to turn up the sound of the television or the radio, nowadays many dogs enjoy a massage, aromatherapy or sometimes even an injection from the vet to help them relax.

Here are a few tips from the RSPCA to help keep dogs safe tonight and over the weekend as we celebrate the 5th November:

  • Check for any firework debris in your garden or area in the morning, and remove once cooled and safe to do so.  In the meantime, keep your dog on his lead
  • Close all the windows at night and keep the television or some sort of sound on to help muffle any bangs
  • Dogs pick up on human emotions, so ignore him if he’s afraid – getting angry, or trying to soothe him can just reinforce the fact that there’s something to be afraid of.  Only pay him attention if there is imminent danger such as self-harming, which is quite rare
  • Walk the dog during daylight hours only; if you won’t be home from work before dark, consider asking a family member, friend or neighbour, or hiring a dog walker to walk him
  • If you know another dog who is not afraid, then consider having them to spend some time with your own dog in the evening, as dogs can learn there is nothing to be scared of