Dream Dogs’ top 7 dog videos: Fisherman fails to push dog into river

Cameras are ubiquitous today. Many people have a mobile phone equipped with a passable still and video camera, and high definition video cameras small enough to fit in your pocket can be had for not much more than £100. With all of this exciting technology at our disposal, what do we do with it? We film our friends, family and pet dogs doing incredibly stupid things.

High speed Internet connections and websites like YouTube enable us to share these moments of dunderheadedness, as Dream Dogs celebrates this with a week long series of some of the best dog videos to be found on the web.

In this first video, a fisherman embodies the spirit of cat-aggravating Mary Bale (she who dumped her neighbour’s moggy in a wheelie bin) with some casual cruelty gone awry. This one’s a win for doggie rights everywhere.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the next in our series.