As the leading UK animal welfare charity, the RSPCA is relied on to prevent animal cruelty and assist with the rescue and health of animals.

Millions of pets have been re-homed and adopted since the charity was founded in 1824 and it seems that the promotion of animal welfare is continuing to make a difference. This is demonstrated by the fact that a dozen puppies were salvaged from cold garden sheds just a couple of weeks ago.

The 12 puppies were a mixture of springer spaniels, cavalier King Charles spaniels and pug crosses. When they were found, they were close to death and had managed with no food or water since they were brought into the world.

This unfortunate incident happened as a result of improper breeding, proving the seriousness of this ever-growing problem. In a bid to nurse them back to health, charity workers treated the animals and found them new homes.

If it weren’t for RSPCA inspector Jayne Bashford, the rescue may not have been possible. Speaking about the matter, she said:

“From the RSPCA’s point of view we would ask people who are considering buying a puppy just to think about where these animals are coming from.”

Thankfully, justice was served for the irresponsible breeders and two people faced 14 counts of animal cruelty. Not only this, but one was given a six-month suspended sentence and the other faced imprisonment for six months

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