Dog’s lives spared as pet lover saves animals from house fire

A woman proved her love for her pet dogs on Tuesday 7th May, when she darted inside her house while it was still ablaze. Carol White lives in Keighley and at lunchtime, flames engulfed her semi-detached property. Although Carol was able to manoeuvre through the flames and escape from the property, her pet dogs remained inside. Instead of waiting for fire fighters to arrive at the scene of the incident, she took matters into her own hands and entered the property to save the pooches from the fire.

It is unknown what the cause of the fire was, but the ground floor of the property appeared to be badly damaged. As smoke poured out of the windows and black soot began to stain the walls, the pet lover ran inside the property and managed to locate two of her dogs. Running outside to place them out of harm’s way, Carol realized that her third dog, Bodie, remained inside the property.

Fearing for the poor animal’s life, the owner of the property could do nothing but sit back and wait for the fire fighters to arrive at the house, which is snuggled onto Silverdale Avenue in Riddlesden. When the professionals made their way inside the smoke-filled house they fought to prevent the flames from spreading. Once they managed to put the fire out, they tracked down frightened Brodie and reunited him with his owner and pet companions.

Luckily no one was injured during the house fire and the cause is now being investigated.