Spanish dog adopts piglet

dog and pigAs any dog lover knows, dogs are pack animals and will happily adopt any member of the family into their ‘pack’, so long as a pack order has been established. One dog in Extremadura, in Spain, a mastiff, has even adopted a new piglet into her pack, suckling the piglet as though it were one of her own puppies.

While this story may warm the cockles, it’s made even more poignant when you consider that the pig would have been slaughtered had it not been so small. The owner of the pig had originally sold it, and other pigs, to a local restaurant to be used in its Christmas menu… but luckily for the pig it was too small and had to be returned, unharmed.

Not sure on the future of the small pig, the owner’s decision on what to do with it was taken from them when the pig took matters into its own, well, trotters, and escaped to find solace with the farm’s dog, named Diana. The pig made a home for itself with the dog, and her puppies, and clearly hopes to stay there – as this video on the BBC website shows.

What will become of the Iberic pig now?