The correct dog food for dog nutrition

dog eating dog foodThere are many different types of pet food sold in superstores, local pet shops, markets and of course for easy shopping, online. Online shopping is a great way to make sure you have enough stock of dog kibble or canned dog food. The ‘plus’ with shopping and purchasing pet food online is it is it is delivered direct to your front door, which makes it much easier than having to trudge to the shops.

Some owners prefer to feed their dog dry food, and some give both dry and canned dog food to their pet. This is acceptable healthcare, as long as the dog food is full of balanced quality ingredients that will aid good dog nutrition.

While deciding on the best dog food for a puppy, adult dog or a senior dog, it is important that the dog’s nutrition remains balanced. Details of the ingredients and a guide on the correct portion to feed your dog can be found on all manufacturers’ products.

It can be time consuming to check out all the labels, but for a healthy dog it has to be done. However some of the exact information of most food products can also be read online.

Watch out for a high level of cereal, salt, food colourings, preservatives and too much fat. To keep your dog interested in his meals you may feel that you want to give him a variety of dog food, however be aware that food that is constantly changed can play havoc with a dog’s sensitive digestive system, especially that of a puppy.

Whatever your choice of dog food, both puppies and dogs need plenty of fresh water, night and day, with plenty of exercise.