The Scottish Prison Service are seeking out dog breeders

An announcement has been made regarding the Scottish Prison Service’s decision to increase the number of sniffer dogs on their team. Breeders around the Scotland area are excited for this plan as all dog breeders are invited to apply their canines for the number of available positions. With the hard work of sniffer dogs in the past proving useful for missions such as detecting drugs, knives, mobile phones and contraband, workers at the police force feel confident that expanding their sniffer dog team by more than double will prove effective.

While most dogs are invited to participate, the Scottish Prison Service is typically searching for breeders of retrievers, Labradors and spaniels. Should any local dog breeders be interested, they are able to contact the prison service where full training will be provided.

Tom Fox, who is the prison service’s head of corporate affairs, said:

“We’re looking for quite a few dogs, over a dozen across the service and working dogs such as Labs and spaniels are ideal as they’re bred for a working environment.”

In-depth training techniques will enable the canines to prevent the amount of goods being smuggled into UK prisons. Commonly, contraband is found hidden underneath postage stamps, inside parcels and in clothing seams. Despite this, in-house training will advance every dog’s skills so that should a spot check be required on a prisoner, the canine can effectively distinguish whether or not there has been contact with forbidden substances. Mr Fox also said how sniffer dogs are an ‘effective deterrent’ and that by broadening their team of canines, the detection of suspicious activity will be effortless.