Stepping Out From the Cold: Medication for Pets with Arthritic Conditions

The long arm of winter is a cold and undiscriminating one. It cares little for age, size, environment, or physical condition, preferring to wrap us all in its icy claws and ask its questions later. It leaves us demotivated and tired, impacting on our mobility and our vigour, and it is for that reason that we welcome the warm rays of spring sunshine that ease our aching joints and lift our tired spirits.

The same is true of our beloved pets; winter takes a similar toll on them, and the cold can have a lasting impact on the mobility of our furry friends. For pets that suffer from arthritic conditions, winter is a particularly gruelling season, and even the warmth of the English springtime can offer little comfort. One of the most important ways that you, as a pet-owner, can ease this discomfort is through the implementation of well-researched and effective pet medication; medication that has been tailor-made for dogs and cats with osteoarthritis or similar conditions.

Pet medication for arthritic conditions falls into two categories: prescription-based methods, and non-prescriptive supplements. A great prescription-based option is Metacam. Suitable for dogs and cats, and available as chewable tablets or as an oral suspension liquid, Metacam is a great example of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication that has been specifically designed for dogs and cats that suffer with tired and aching joints, or for those recovering from surgical operations. It can be used to treat acute and chronic conditions and, as a result, is one of the most widely-prescribed medications available.

For those wishing to try a non-prescriptive option before undertaking a trip to the vet, then Cosequin is a great choice. As one of the most widely-used non-prescription-based products, this medically-endorsed supplement contains glucosamine, a key ingredient that can be very effective in treating problematic arthritic joints and other such ailments. Available separately for dogs and cats, Cosequin is a viable option that has proven to be a remarkably effective non-prescription supplement.

It should be noted that a healthy diet, as well as an active lifestyle, is essential in assisting any pet with arthritic conditions or mobility problems. With these in place, and a little medicated help, your beloved pet can step out from the cold and into a new and active lifestyle.


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