Those dogs he roped, that Spanish Farmer

A Spanish farm work miraculously saved two dogs that had been swept away – with a lasso.

Noya Deats was walking her dogs Nia and Fawn along the Roza Canal in Moxee, when she decided to let them off their leashes, despite warning signs not to.

Sure enough, the two pooches decided to take a swim in the canal, but were swept away by a beguilingly fast current.

Panicking, Mrs Deats rang her husband for help, and ran along the path next to the canal in an effort to keep up with her dogs. Hubby Matt arrived two miles further downstream, and attempted a rescue by climbing down a ladder into the water up to his chest in an effort to grab his pets. However, it was in vain, and Fawn and Nia sailed by. Speaking to the Yakima Herald, he said:

“I was trying to figure out a safe way to try and jump in and grab them myself. You feel hopeless — you don’t know what to do, how to handle it.”

By this time a Sheriff’s deputy had turn up, and unsuccessfully attempted to lasso the drowning dogs.

Rescue was to come a further mile along the canal: Jesus Villanueva, who was storing away agricultural chemicals, heard the commotion. Speaking only Spanish, he thought the the deputy had said there were two cars in the canal. After rushing to the scene, he could see that the deputy was struggling to snare the dogs and so decided to help. He took the rope, and lassoed each imperiled pooch within seconds, despite not having thrown a lasso for more than 30 years. Nia, and Australian Shepherd, and Fawn, a Lab mix, were soon hauled to safety.

Mrs Deats praised her hero:

“I was amazed. He just kind of came out of nowhere. It was amazing how fast he lassoed them.”

Speaking through an interpreter, Villanueva said:

“I felt happy, especially when I saw the woman who looked hot after running from far away.”