Types of dog food to feed your dog

Just like humans, a dog needs to stay in shape with a combination of good healthy food and plenty of exercise. Feeding your dog the best quality pet food contributes to good dog nutrition. A pet diet can be made easier if you, as a dog owner, look at the ingredients on the dog food cans and packaging.

Dog food comes in many types, and the better ones are prepared for the different stages in a dog’s lifetime, which are puppy, adult and senior.

There are also dry dog foods which can be purchased at pet shops or in the supermarket. A dog owner should look carefully at the packaging on dry dog food, as this food should contain quality balanced ingredients and vitamins required for a dog’s healthy life.

Wet food in cans, trays and sealed pouches is usually complete and can be mixed with a mixer biscuit meal. However, if left open this food will deteriorate quickly. Warm weather will attract the common house-fly to this type of pet food, unless covered and left in a refrigerator.

More and more dog owners are feeding their pets homemade pet diets, with raw or cooked meat, fish and rice. This is a complicated pet diet and it is important that you take advice from your local vet before starting one. A vet will help with a pet diet by advising on the correct portion size of balanced ingredients with essential vitamins and minerals.

Dog food aside, it is also essential that your dog has constant access to clean drinking water 24 hours day.