It is essential for your puppy to have his full course of injections for more reasons than you might think. As an owner and friend to your puppy you will need to take extra care in the first few months of your puppy’s life.

Vaccinations protect your puppy from canine diseases as they are especially vulnerable in contacting canine infections.

Some of the infections your puppy could pick up are hepatitis distemper virus and leptospirosis, which is common in rats and transferable to humans so vaccinations protect humans too.

The procedure for your puppy’s injections is one injection between the ages of six to eight weeks and a second injection at ten weeks old. There must be a four week gap between injections.

Vaccinations are also important for dog insurance.  Dog insurance companies will not pay out for an insured puppy or dog if his or her injections are not kept up to date, so your puppy needs his vaccinations to insure him properly and then your dog will need an annual booster to maintain his protection and dog insurance policy.

Knowing you have taken every precaution by taking your puppy to your local veterinarian for his injections will give you peace of mind.  Do not take your puppy out for a walk until he is fully protected.

Due to the worry owners have about side effects associated with vaccinations it is not advisable to have your puppy receive his treatment if he is under the weather.

If your puppy is on medication a set of vaccinations may contribute to a lowering of your puppy’s immune system. Ask at your local veterinary surgeon for his advice.


  • Another thing to keep in mind, that since you have a pup, is to possibly think about pet insurance. It is great to get insurance for you new puppy because of the pre-existing conditions clause that many companies wont cover.

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