A ‘controversial dog creche’

Recently, Girls Aloud wanting a dog crèche was featured in the media and it seems that many people thought it a good idea.  Other bands have crèches for their children, so why not for their dogs?  Dog crèches are very popular in the United States and one or two have sprung up in the UK too.

Today, I read of a ‘controversial dog creche’ being approved in Wootton Bassett and I thought to myself, how can a dog crèche be controversial?

Local residents are reportedly objecting to the dog crèche because the barking dogs and the increase in traffic going to and from the crèche would exacerbate the noise in the area because they already have to put up with the noise from a school, the RAF Lyneham flight path and the nearby M4 motorway.  My thought is, firstly what difference will a few barking dogs make and secondly, is it not better to have dogs well taken care of in a dog crèche rather than left at home in the garden or front room to bark to their heart’s content?

Surely a dog crèche, like any other business, is an asset to a town’s local economic climate?  The dogs should not be left to roam free, but well taken care of and managed.

The only condition to the retrospective planning permission granted this week was that measures should be drawn up to deal with the disposal of the dog waste.  Local Committee Vice Chair Geoff Greenaway commented:

“How is the dog waste going to be disposed of?  For those who have dogs they know that dog excrement is not the same as other animals due to it not being made of vegetable matter.”

It was noted that the dog waste could not be thrown out with normal household rubbish and should be disposed of as commercial waste.