Aussie gameshow host saved by whippet

Adriana Xenides

Adriana Xenides is Australia’s answer to Carol Smillie, and she even used to co-host the Wheel of Fortune on Australian TV. Adriana is currently very thankful to her pet dog, Red, who saved her life recently when she collapsed while at home.

Often dogs save the lives of their owners by alerting others so they can help, or by dragging their owners to safety. Red went a stage further however and began CPR (of sorts) on Adriana. Adriana has suffered a lot recently with heart attacks, experiencing five heart attacks in the last two years. Her most recent scare happened when she collapsed while she was home alone with her dog, but Red knew exactly what to do.

As Adriana explains:

Red saved my life. I collapsed at home recently. The pain associated with my condition was so excruciating I passed out. When I woke up, it was dark, so some time had elapsed.

I could see two gold eyes watching me and in my mouth was a wet dish cloth. I traced the marks across the floor and I couldn’t believe what Red had done. She’d grabbed the dish cloth, dunked it in her water bowl, then come and put it in my mouth so I wouldn’t be dehydrated. It’s just amazing. I’m only here because of her.

How many dogs would have known to do that?