Barack Obama’s wealth includes Portuguese Water Dog

US President Barack Obama kept the world guessing when he decided to get a pet dog for his family to live with them in the White House. The world wondered what breed of dog the Obamas would choose, and he shocked everyone with a Portuguese Water Dog they named ‘Bo’.

It looks like it was a good choice for the president too, as the Portuguese Water Dog has just been listed as one of the prized assets in the Obamas’ fortunes. Bo, the dog the US media fell in love with, has been listed as being worth $1,600 in the presidents financial disclosure forms. The value of Bo ads to other windfalls the US president has come by since he took office.


His windfalls include the $1.4 million he won for his Nobel Prize, all of which he gave to charity however. Obama also netted between $2 million and $10 million in royalties for two books that he has penned.

Obama also made money from selling securities that he inherited from his grandmother, who died shortly before he was elected as president. The president also earns $400,000 per annum from his day job, running the United States of America.

Bo was given to the Obamas as a gift by the late Edward Kennedy.