Corgi promptly rehomed prior to opening of Dogs Trust

One lucky dog that needed a home has been granted his wish by the kind-hearted workers at Loughborough’s Dogs Trust facility. What’s even more remarkable about this story is the fact that the dog, who is a five-month-old Corgi cross named Cracker, was taken into the charity months before its opening was due to take place in the summer, later this year.

Colin and Pat Gee from Hathern immediately fell in love with young Cracker when a staff meeting regarding the preparation for the Dog’s Trust opening saw four pooches brought in. These dogs came from a nearby dog rehoming facility in the Kenilworth area. Following the connection, Colin and Pat managed to home Cracker the following day.

This success will surely be a stepping stone to further achievements for the facility, especially since the doors are yet to officially open. Corgi’s new family are taking great care of him and he has settled nicely, much like his fellow Beagle cross friend Louie, an 18-month-old who also managed to get a brand new loving family in the Rugby location.

The Loughborough Dog’s Trust charity is already gaining plenty of attention from locals and those who are involved with Kenilworth’s facility. The recent information meeting, in which the dogs were introduced, welcomed over 1,000 people. The support and love of the community is set to ensure any abandoned dogs are taken care of appropriately with the tender loving care dogs need. As for Cracker, Pat Gee has said he is turning out to be a ‘real star’.