Dangerous or hazardous items around your puppy

The old saying handed down from generation to generation that ‘curiosity killed the cat’ could apply to your puppy or dog too.  Puppies especially have a high level of curiosity as everything is new to them.

As a new owner it is hard to think ahead of your puppy as they get into corners you may not have even thought of.  Here are a few pointers listed below that you can watch for:

Poisonous Plants:

Household plants can be dangerous to adult dogs and puppies. Plants such as daffodils, hydrangeas and philodendron can cause an allergic reaction if ingested as part of a puppy’s playtime.

Household Products:

Other sensitive items to watch out for are household products you use for cleaning such as disinfectants, detergents and sheets of fabric softener.

Medical Supplies:

If you use prescribed medication or have over the counter products for either humans or other pets, they can have an adverse effect on pets, especially puppies under the age of one.

If you are unsure which items are hazardous to your puppy ask your local vet who will have a list of the main culprits.