Dealing with dog breath

dog breathConsidering that dogs are man’s best friend – even when taking into account those nappy-wearing helper monkeys who can make you an outstanding cappuccino, program your Sky+ recorder and order pizza for you over the phone – we besmirch their good name with a litany of canine themed insults that are all too readily bandied about.

Just about all of these are unfair, with the exception of one – ‘dog breath’. If you’ve ever gotten up close and personal with a pooch, you can understand why.

You can’t train your pooch to gargle mouthwash or suck a Polo when his breath is honking. The good news is that there are steps you can take if your dog’s breath is strong enough to fell a horse, and here are a few tips to ensure that it’s a fresh as a sweet, sweet summer breeze.

  1. Brush his teeth on a regular basis. Whatever you do, don’t use regular human toothpaste. There are special dog toothpastes that come in flavours that your dog will like, such as chicken. Make sure that you rinse his choppers well after brushing, and you’ll see a huge difference within several days.
  2. I was lying about mouthwash for your dog. Canine mouthwash comes in an easy to apply spray bottle, and can help keep his gums healthy as well as freshen his breath.
  3. Give your pooch dental sticks and biscuits flavoured with breath mints. Chewing rawhide and raw and dry bones can also help prevent the build up of tartar on his teeth, which is a contributing factor to stinky breath.
  4. There’s no doubt that there are plenty of dog toys around your house that your pooch loves to sink his teeth into. Pretty soon, these toys can be crawling with bacteria, leading to gum disease and bad breath. Make sure that your dog’s toys are regularly washed. You can even go a step further, and buy chew toys designed to keep his teeth clean and healthy.

Finally, make sure to have your dog’s dental health check regularly. Bad breath may be caused by rotten teeth and unhealthy gums, but also may be a sign of an internal infection, which would need taking care of.