Mark Zuckerberg unveils his Beast on Facebook

Beast is like lots of other pups whose owner is on Facebook – he has a page set up in his name with a cute profile picture, and his posts document his daily doings. What sets Beast apart is that not only does his owner have a Facebook profile himself – he OWNS Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Harvard graduate who became the world’s youngest billionaire, recently adopted Beast and proudly showed him off on the social networking site.

Zuckerberg can be seen giving Hungarian Puli Beast a hug. Beast’s page documents his settling in to the Zuckerberg household, with updates such as:

“Just learned how to climb stairs. I’m such a champion.”


“I just took a dump and made Mark Zuckerberg pick it up. It was glorious.”

It’s forgivable to think that Beast would be one of the luckiest pups in the world, and that a life of steak dinners, four poster dog beds and priceless Brontosaurus bones to chew on awaited him. However, the pictures on his profile highlighted his owner’s relatively sparse dwellings. Instead of a flash mansion, Olympic sized swimming pool and fleet of sports cars, Zuckerberg lives in a rented house with a low key hatchback parked on the driveway.

Beast is described on his page as “public figure who likes cuddling, loving and eating”, and has attracted nearly 23,000 ‘likes’, lots of whom are Hungarian and are pleased that Zuckerberg has chosen a breed from their nation.

There’s no doubt that the adorable pooch will attract many more followers of Facebark – sorry, Facebook.