Dog reunited with British family

A Hampshire family has paid out £1,300 so they can be reunited again with their dog after the heart-wrenching situation of leaving their pet in Dubai.

Their family dog, Holly, was brought home by Dad, Darren Smith, for his family when they were out in Dubai. Darren had found Holly when she was living as a street dog; they saved her and brought her into a loving environment.

Sadly, they couldn’t take their pet with them when Darren found out that the company he was working for couldn’t keep him on and the whole family would have to move back to Andover in the UK.

Luckily, a chance spotting on a website based in Dubai meant Holly could be returned to her family in the UK.

Mr Smith spoke about how they had planned to bring Holly back with them and had even started to acquire a passport for her, as well as going through the process of taking a blood test; necessary six months previously to the animal travelling. If this had all gone smoothly, Holly would have been fine to move to the UK without the usual quarantine period.

Mr Smith spoke of how devastated he and the family were when they realised they would have to leave Holly behind.

He stated:

“I grumbled about the money but the look on my daughter’s face was a priceless family moment.”

The family believed that a “nice family” had adopted Holly, but just two months since leaving, they spotted the dog on a website in Dubai. It turned out that the dog was back to street living, in poor health and in desperate need of a new home.

Mr Smith then had to try and convince the country’s authorities that his family weren’t to blame for abandoning the dog. After all parties were happy, Holly was returned to her rightful and caring owners.