Drew Barrymore mourns passing of dog Flossie

Drew Barrymore, who appeared recently in our list of the top 5 actresses who own dogs, is mourning the passing of her dog Flossie. Flossie wasn’t just any ordinary dog, as she once saved Drew’s life 12 years ago, in 1998, when she awoke the household and alerted them to a fire.

drew-barrymore-flossieFlossie, a cross between a Labrador and a Chow, saved both Drew Barrymore and her then husband Tom Green as they slept through a fire in their home in Beverly Hills. The dog sadly passed away in July – aged 16 – and Drew honoured her lifelong pal by spreading her ashes on the Ganges in India, during a recent trip.

Now that Flossie has passed away, Drew has a new puppy that she is training. While speaking on a recent interview on the David Letterman show, Drew revealed a photo of her new puppy and commented:

“That is my new dog, Douglas. … I rescued him. He was brought to the pound when he was two weeks old, he’s six months.”

“I had three other dogs, one of which, Flossie, was an infamous little soul — I had her until she was almost 16. She passed away about a month ago. She had such a good life and what more could you ask for than 16 years with your soul mate sidekick?”

“I actually brought some of her ashes to India and put them in the Ganges, which is a very sacred thing to do.”

What do you think about taking a dog’s ashes to India?