Get away to a dog friendly hotel

Christmas is around the corner, and no doubt many people will plan on eating and drinking more than any sane person would, spending far too much money and grinding their teeth to stumps with the stress of cooking a turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

These are some of the reasons why many of us prefer to get away from it all during the festive season. If you’re attracted to the thought of a stress free Chrimble, this might be for you. Unless you’re hell-bent on going abroad and are willing to leave your pet dog to the tender mercies of a kennel, you will probably find yourself searching for a dog friendly hotel within the UK so that you and your pooch can both fall asleep in front of the TV after the prerequisite Bond film.

The chances are that you’ll want to go somewhere that your pet will enjoy as well as you. Whether you intend to take bracing walks to burn off your Christmas pud across the fens of Anglia, or something more sedate, there will be hotels in Cambridge and all over the UK only happy to accommodate you.

dog hotelFirst, make sure that you have the hotel’s pet policy in writing. All pet friendly accommodation will have a basic list of house rules similar to the following:

  • Your dog must not be aggressive
  • He must be kept clean
  • You must have proof that his vaccinations are up to date
  • He must be free of fleas
  • You must clear any pet waste immediately

It’s recommended that you’re aware of the hotel’s leash policy before you book it – some require that your pet be on a leash at all times, some don’t, and some provide a play area where you can let your dog run free. Also, some hotels that are advertised as being dog friendly may still not allow your pet on your bed or any furniture – some may provide sheets so he can relax near to you.

It’s likely that you will be required to sign an agreement accepting liability for any damage that your dog may cause, but this is pretty much standard for any dog friendly hotel. Some hotels may even go the extra mile and provide you with complimentary treats for your dog, towels, waste disposal bags or emergency food. It may also be the case that they offer grooming services for a fee, and have veterinary services on hand for any emergencies.

Wherever you decide to book your hotel accommodation – if it’s in Cambridge, Kingsbridge, Stalybridge or anywhere else in the UK – you will no doubt find a place where your pet is made just as welcome as you are.