Guide dog is Man’s best friend’s best friend

Guide dogs and their owners have an especially close relationship, and Edward had served his master faithfully for the last six years. So, when Edward began to succumb to glaucoma, his owner thought of a novel solution to the problem.

Graham Waspe, from Stowmarket, decided to adopt a second guide dog to assist him and Edward in getting around. The new dog, 2 year old Opal, soon became firm friends with them both, and now fills in Edward’s duties admirably.

Mr Waspe, 60, said:

“They’ve become quite good friends and get on happily together.”

“There are certain times I’m sure where Opal will help and Edward is happier by having another dog around.”

Mr Waspe and his wife Sandra were heartbroken when Edward had his eyes surgically removed last year after he developed an incurable eye disease. Mr Waspe recounted:

“I was so worried whether he would be happy or not. I was just crying and crying, but he was happy and smiling.”

“The Animal Health Trust was so good with him and, apart from not being able to see, he is just the same.”

The couple are dedicated speakers on behalf of guide dogs, and acknowledge how much of a difference the independence they grant has affected their lives. They also visit many local schools to raise awareness. However, since his operation, Edward has won more admirers; two employees of Specsavers have been inspired by him to undertake a sponsored skydive to raise cash for Guide Dogs.