Labrador puppy receives donations for life-saving surgery

Sue Sparrow, the owner of a chocolate Labrador puppy, has recently been working hard to spread the word about her young companion’s condition. The puppy that was bred at a puppy farm in Wales was recently told that he had just a few short weeks to live due to a life-threatening condition. Axe Valley Vets in the Somerset area are assisting to save Cadbury’s life with keyhole surgery.

Keyhole surgery is the only option vets have to improve Cadbury’s quality of life and an amount of £1,000 has been raised so that this is possible. The surgery, which takes place at Highcroft Vets in the Bristol location, will cure the Easter-born puppy of Persistent Right Aortic Arch. This diagnosis was delivered by Axe Valley Vets and since this time, many fundraising efforts have taken place.

Cake baking, dog treat sales and many more efforts have been made by members of staff at the Dogsfriends charity. As a result of this Cadbury has received surgery, which will allow food to travel to his tummy in the appropriate way. An obstruction of tissue in the oesophagus has been extracted, enabling solid foods and liquids to enter the stomach, preventing malnutrition. Thankfully, the keyhole surgery was a success and would not have been possible without the £1,000 fundraising money.

The following weeks will see Cadbury recover in expert care, which is set to cost an additional £1,000. Any individuals interested in speeding up the Labrador puppy’s recovery can donate to the practice’s surgeries in Cheddar, Blackford and Wells. Laura Gould, a veterinary assistant at Axe Valley Vets said:

“People are being very kind and we are all keeping our fingers crossed for Cadbury, who despite everything is so full of life.”