How to get rid of dog breath

dog-breath-treatsA dog that has a problem with his gums is just like any human. He can suffer from gingivitis, which is a well know gum disease. This disease is most likely to affect a mature dog rather than a puppy.

If your pet dog has bad breath, it can be caused by a stomach problem. His digestive system could be upset or it could simply be that his teeth may need cleaning.

It is not very pleasant when your dog suffers from dog breath, so it is important that you take your dog to his local vet to make sure he receives the correct treatment. A vet will apply an antibiotic gel on his gums to help kill off any unwanted bacteria that may be lurking there. The medication will have to be repeated until his mouth and gums are as they should be.

However, any further neglect of care with your dog’s teeth could see the return of the disease, and the end result could be the loss of all his teeth.

Any dog that is fed a daily diet that consists of soft dog food, without having any type of hard bone or biscuits to chew on, is more likely to suffer from dental decay or gum disease.

Rawhide chews, hard dog biscuits and dental chews are just a few of the dog products which are available to encourage your dog to keep chewing, however they have to be included in their pet diet as too many can be fattening.

Do ensure however that you do not give you dog any raw or cooked bones, bones can splinter which can lead to a fracture of a dog’s tooth or, in some cases, the bone could become stuck in their throat the end result could be far worse.


  • Please… all people with large dogs with barreled chests – if your dog has bad breath be extra careful in how you feed your darling. These dogs could be pron to twisted stomachs. They must rest two hours before eating and two hours after. It really isn’t hard… they get use to it and feel better for it. We lost our first German shepherd to a twisted stomach at the age of 5 and a half. Our 2nd darling never had bad breath but from the beginning we were very careful about his resting time. He loved it.
    P.S. We would take Laddie and his bad breath back in a second! It never bothered us…but it was a warning that we didn’t read…

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