Keeping A Dog In An Innercity Apartment

If you have never owned a dog while living in an apartment inside a city, there are a couple of things you need to be prepared for! Not every apartment that you can find will allow you to have pets at all, so make sure you check with the owners before you rent a city centre apartment. One of the biggest things that you should be concerned with is the noise, especially if you will be the only human living in your apartment. Tenants have been kicked out of apartment complexes for not being able to control their pet’s volume. Your dog may be the quietest, sweetest dog ever yet may end up barking for hours on end if you leave him home alone. For a single person in an apartment that works, this is something you need to keep in mind.

If your dog is likely to bark when you are not around to soothe him, perhaps you should try getting your dog trained by a professional in order to avoid this issue. Professional dog trainers are usually available in most cities, and this is great not only for excessive barking, but any other problems that your dog may have. You should try to teach your dog to use the bathroom on a pad specifically made for dogs to go on. After all, you do not want your dog peeing on your furniture when you have to leave for a few hours. You should take your dog on a walk regularly; dogs can be energetic animals and taking them for a walk really helps them to release all that pent up energy.

When taking your dog on a walk, you should always make sure to bring poop bags and possible a pooper-scooper. Some cities will have specific areas where your dog can go, or even bags and a pooper-scooper in certain areas throughout the city, but not every city has these amenities. Picking up after your dog is crucial when you are living inside the city, you could get a hefty fine for just letting him go anywhere and not picking it up. Make sure your dog has plenty of toys for when you are not at home, this way he is much less likely to make a racket and disturb the neighbours while you are away.

Keep in mind that many places that allow you to have pets will require extra on the security deposit, so make sure you have budgeted for this when looking for your apartment. Living in the city and owning a dog is more challenging than living with one in a rural area, keep the above pointers in mind, use common sense, and everything will be just fine.


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