Socialising your puppy

A social life is important for you and your puppy and meeting different people will be a good experience for both of you. It is good for your puppy to meeting different sorts of people, such as noisy and quiet.

A puppy will not be shy from people who are different as they have a nosy nature but if they are not socialised properly and often they may grow to be insecure and shy.

Some puppies have no contact with children and can be a little shy and upset when they first meet children. This is because they do not understand the teasing and possessive behaviour children show to them. However, in a controlled environment they will happily accept children unless their behaviour to them is harmful or they perceive it as threatening.

Note that controlling a child’s behaviour towards a puppy is important. A puppy can be considered dangerous and blamed for a child’s naughtiness in the world we live in today.

Socialising means making new friends with children, adults and of course with other animals. A puppy should learn to tolerate other dogs and animals such as rabbits, ferrets and even cats.

New sights and sounds to a puppy can at first be a frightening experience. Show your puppy everything is alright by talking to him and praising him until he is relaxed.

Once he is used to the idea of going out and using his nose to recognise smells and familiar scents, he will look forward to his daily adventures.