Woman from Pennyffordd launches dog bakery business

Birthday cakes, sweet biscuits and sugary treats – these are things that most people indulge in from time-to-time, and one lady from the Pennyffordd area has come up with a master plan to make treats like this for canines, too.

‘Pupcakes’ is the name of 33-year-old Sharon Ludgate’s new business, which is a bakery specifically catering for dogs. After many years of whipping up delicious dog treats from the comfort of her kitchen, Sharon decided to take the plunge and turn this fun hobby into what she hopes will be a very successful business venture.

As the owner of ‘Pupcakes’, Sharon knew she might be taking a risk, but since the family dog, George, approved of the homemade treats, she decided that the risk may be worth taking. Sadly George’s life came to an end just 12 months ago, but Sharon uses the memories she has as inspiration for her business. Scott, Sharon’s partner, handles the financial side of the company and even the couple’s eight-year-old daughter Emma plays a role in ‘Pupcakes’, as she chose the company name. Not only this, but Emma also designed the logo.

Speaking about the beginning of the business journey, Sharon said:

“George was a real pig; he’d eat anything and everything. One day my daughter said why don’t we make him some treats?”

It seems social networking has also made a difference, as Sharon added that her recently-launched Facebook profile had already attracted 800 dog-loving followers.