ASBOs for dogs, whatever next?

As if ASBOs weren’t bad enough, with children treating them as badges of honour, something that can be earned, plans are now afoot to give ASBOs to dogs! Furthermore, the plans have been backed by postman, in their ongoing war against the canine breed.

According to statistics over 6,000 postmen get attacked by dogs every year in the UK. The Communication Workers’ Union (CWU), made up of postmen, has backed plans by the Scottish parliament to introduce a new bill that promises to help protect posties from dogs.

Dave Joyce of the CWU stated:

We are calling for cross-party backing for the Bill and we want the rest of the UK to follow Scotland’s lead.

We’re not anti-dog or anti any particular breed of dog. The overwhelming majority of dogs cause no problem at all.

But there are significant numbers of aggressive dogs and irresponsible owners, and they need to be dealt with.

Alex Neil from the Scottish National Party (SNP) came up with the idea of the ‘Control of Dogs Bill’. As part of the bill, he’d like to see the microchipping of dogs so that they can be tracked by the authorities. He’d also like to see dog owners fined if they refuse to take their dogs to training courses to help them handle disobedient dogs.

According to Neil:

The support of the CWU demonstrates that the Bill will make a real difference.

Innocent dog owners have nothing to fear from it.

But some people use dogs as weapons and breed and train them to be aggressive and there is no law to protect people or other animals from them.