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Dec 18
Dog returned to owners almost a decade after going missing

In May 2004, Milissa Mae walked into her garden in Worcester to discover that Niamh,…

Apr 24
Dogs get makeovers in bid to find homes

A London council has launched a new scheme that focuses on re-homing stray or…

May 31
Dog and owner reunite after many years apart

It is the kind of story you very rarely hear but Jean Muslun from the Ramsgate area is…

Mar 15
Staffordshire Bull Terrier regains sight thanks to animal experts

Dodger, an 18-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, has had his vision restored after…

Feb 02
Staffordshire Bull Terrier survives poisoning after blood transfusion from fellow dog

Almost two weeks after her encounter with rat poison, Mo is recovering incredibly well…

Jan 08
Abandoned bull terrier saved at New Year

In a follow up story to one published on Boxing Day, a caring family from…